About Blended Eats

This is not a food blog dedicated to smoothies, though I do love a good smoothie! I started this blog to document the diverse food that we eat in our house every day; which is truly a varied blend of flavours and world cuisines. My passion for food has grown from my travels around the world with my husband and our two kids, and has also been influenced by my Mother-in-law, born in India, and my Mom and Grandma born and raised on the Saskatchewan Prairies. Our family menu is never boring, and I am forever trying new flavour combinations and experimenting in the kitchen. I hope sharing our recipes on Blended Eats will inspire others to try new flavours in their everyday meals.

About Renée

Hello and welcome to my food blog.  I am a professional engineer, project management professional, and have been working in the corporate world for over 20 years.  When the impacts of COVID-19 hit our part of the world, I was temporarily laid-off and decided to use the time to reflect on what is most important to me.  What surfaced was the need to balance my corporate career with creativity and personal expression for what I am passionate about; feeding my family flavourful meals, taking risks in the kitchen and learning more about all things food.

I was lucky to have met and married my soulmate, have two amazing kids and three unique cats that keep us forever entertained and cuddled.

I have been baking, cooking, and experimenting in the kitchen since I can remember.  Having a family that appreciates good food and is excited to try new things has been my inspiration.